Dx&Vx, China's pharmaceutical distribution business is progressing smoothly


Dx&Vx announced on the 23rd that sales of its brand antibiotic, Azithromycin, are showing a rapid increase in China, the world's largest antibiotic drug market, and subsequent drugs such as arthritis treatment aids have also been released.

Ajitromycin antibiotics supplied from China by Dx&Vx BJ, a Chinese subsidiary of Dx&Vx, are basic medicines manufactured by members of Sinopharm, China's largest state-run drug group, and demand has recently soared due to the spread of Mycoplasma infections in China.

Currently, production continues during the Chinese holiday season in early October due to the explosive increase in demand for Ajitromycin in China, but it has failed to meet soaring market demand and is in talks to expand supply.

In addition to antibiotics, Dx&Vx BJ has recently released arthritis supplements and is on the verge of releasing follow-up drugs such as skin disease treatments and oral inflammation treatments sequentially.

An official from Dx&Vx said, "The recent spread of Mycoplasma pneumonia in China has led to a surge in demand for azithromycin, a treatment, and subsequent drugs are also being released sequentially, which is expected to show remarkable growth of Dx&Vx BJ, which has Differentiation Competitive in the Chinese drug distribution market."

China's pharmaceutical market is worth about 225.4 trillion won per year, the second largest in the world after the United States.

In particular, the Chinese antibiotic market is the world's No. 1 market with about 37 trillion won per year.

Source: edaily