Dx&Vx Introduces Azithromycin Antibiotics at Congress of Chinese Pediatric Society


| Participated in the 28th Congress of Chinese Pediatric Society to showcase a drug made of original raw materials to achieve the same quality as its counterpart, etc.

Dx&Vx (DXVX) announced that its Chinese subsidiary attended the 28th Congress of Chinese Pediatric Society and presented its medicines, including azithromycin antibiotics, to Chinese pediatricians.

The congress held from October 26 to 29 at Tianfu International Conference Center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China is a national event organized by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, the largest medical association in China, and is an international academic event that attracts more than 10,000 participants annually, including local pediatricians, with renowned pediatricians invited from around the world.

Dx&Vx Beijing DIWAYSE (Dx&Vx BJ) participated in the congress to raise brand awareness and actively promote its product lineup and efficacies of its medicines, including azithromycin used to treat pneumonia, which is currently spreading throughout China, as well as arthritis supplements and skin disease treatments, to Chinese physicians.

The azithromycin antibiotics supplied by Dx&Vx BJ, are said to have the same quality and efficacy as the original azithromycin antibiotics, as it is made by a member of Sinopharm, China’s largest state-owned pharmaceutical group, using the same raw materials as the original drugs manufactured by PLIVA Croatia Ltd.

Dr. Um Jung-sik, a professor of Infectious Diseases at Gachon University College of Medicine in Korea, who was invited to the conference, gave the presentation, “Azithromycin, the First Choice for Mycoplasma Infections,” explaining the characteristics of the mycoplasma pneumonia which is spreading across China and azithromycin antibiotics, known internationally as the first-line treatment for the disease.

He drew a strong interest among local medical professionals by describing the differentiated raw materials as well as safety and efficacy Dx&Vx BJ’s azithromycin, which has seen an increase in demand recently.

An official from Dx&Vx said, “As the antibiotics supplied by our company have recently been recognized as a treatment for mycoplasma pneumonia, which is spreading in China, we are currently operating our production facility at full capacity as the drug is out of stock everywhere. […] We will do our best to contribute to preventing the spread of the epidemic by increasing our supply volume.”

Meanwhile, Dx&Vx plans to use its branded antibiotics as a starting point for its entry into the Chinese healthcare market and expand its portfolio with a number of basic drug lineups, best-in-class products, and new drugs in the future.