DXVX "Demand for antibiotics skyrockets due to the spread of pneumonia in China... Sales will increase 7 times"


"Next year, antibiotic sales will exceed 20 billion won."

Production line will be expanded by 20% early next year... Development of diagnostic kits

Sales are expected to increase sevenfold next year due to soaring demand for azithromycin. We are also planning to expand our factory in January next year, so we can actively respond to demand."

Kwon Kyu-chan, CEO of DXVX, met with edailynews on the 1st and said, "Due to the recent spread of Mycoplasma pneumonia in China, local antibiotic sales of distribution partners are expected to record 3 billion won this year and more than 20 billion won next year."

Kwon Kyu-chan, CEO of DXVX, is interviewing edaily on the 1st

"Out of stock every day..."Expansion early next year"

Recently, as Mycoplasma pneumonia has become propagate China, demand for antibiotics has soared due to hoarding. The first treatment for mycoplasma pneumonia is a macrolide-based antibiotic with azithromycin.propagate.

Currently, Ajitromycin, China's No. 1 product in market share, is a global pharmaceutical company, Pfizer, and it is known to account for about 70-80%. Although DXVX is a latecomer, it is planning to increase its market share by banking on its superiority and high efficacy of raw materials. In fact, DXVX's azithromycin raw material uses the same raw material as the original drug. It is explained that the same effect as the original and the excellence of raw materials can be put forward as marketing points.

In order to cope with the demand for antibiotics, it also announced the expansion of the plant. Currently, it can produce about 5 million units, and it is considering increasing its production capacity by about 20% in January next year. The company also started developing diagnostic kits, judging that the spread of Myco Plasma will continue until next spring. DXVX forecast that local distribution partner Coree Group's sales forecast for Ajitromycin will be 3 billion won this year and more than 20 billion won next year, respectively.

CEO Kwon said, "The initial supply has already been sold out, and the production plant is currently operating in three shifts, but it is still insufficient," adding, "I think we can take a breather if we add more production lines in January next year."

Mycoplasma is not a new type of pneumonia. It is a common bacterial pneumonia in children and adolescents and has a prevalence cycle of 3 to 4 years. Like the coronavirus, it is infected by droplet transmission. It develops after an average incubation period of 12 to 14 days, and the main symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, headache, and fatigue. Sometimes it leads to sore throat and bronchitis, and in rare cases, it develops into severe atypical pneumonia.

DXVX has launched or is about to launch various follow-up products in addition to Ajitromycin through its Chinese subsidiary. Arthritis adjuvant therapy was launched last September. The ointment for skin diseases was introduced last month. The oral inflammation treatment is scheduled to be commercialized in January next year.

The company predicts that global sales will easily exceed 30 billion won next year, twice as much as this year. Last year, global sales amounted to 16.7 billion won, accounting for 51.9% of total sales (32.2 billion won). Sales in the first half of this year were 23.4 billion won, almost double the sales in the first half of last year (13 billion won).

DXVX is also speeding up the development of new drugs, its main job. Bioventure Evixgen, which was acquired in April this year, is preparing for phase 2 clinical trials in the United States for a new drug for dry eye disease. Vaccines for preventing respiratory diseases using microbiome strains are scheduled to begin clinical trials in Europe, Korea, and China next year. The anti-cancer vaccine of Oxford Vaccines, a U.K. subsidiary of DXVX, plans to begin clinical trials in China and South Korea within this year.

Earlier, DXVX recruited a large number of experts from Hanmi Pharmaceutical, driving the development of new drugs. Kwon, who was elected in August, is also a former head of Hanmi Pharmaceutical's global business division. He is considered one of Korea's leading experts in developing new drugs. CEO Kwon has led more than 100 global drug marketing licenses in the U.S. and Europe, including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of Hanmi Pharmaceutical's bio-drug "Rolvedon." In addition, the company recruited a large number of experts in the field of anticancer drugs, metabolic diseases, immune diseases, and improved new drugs from Hanmi Pharmaceutical.

"Starting next year, I'll prove it with my performance."

CEO Kwon was confident that DXVX's performance will be visible from next year. The company plans to establish a virtuous cycle in which funds secured from its own sales are invested in R&D.

In fact, the company introduced an integrated companion diagnostic service using various types of genetic panels in September. It also launched a microbiome-based healthcare product. Furthermore, by introducing a new genome business at the end of this month, sales are expected to occur in earnest from next year.

CEO Kwon said, "We also achieved various achievements at the International Drug Fair (CPHI) in Spain. "We have 54 meetings and 14 confidentiality agreements (CDA)," he said. "The number of employees has increased significantly as we have formed teams with new departments such as the New Drug Research Headquarters, the Clinical Development Headquarters, and the IT Planning Team. We expect the results to be visible one by one from the end of the year, he said.

Source: edaily news