CEO Chong-Yoon Lim will lead ‘Post COVID-19’ in Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group


Chong-yoon Lim, the president of Hanmi Science, is taking the lead in preparing the blueprint for the “post COVID-19” era of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group. President Lim emphasized change and innovation while presenting the six visions of Hanmi Science at a recent executive meeting. With the philosophy that growth is impossible without innovation, he set a goal to make Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group a global bio company.

CEO Lim, in particular, starts boosting the morale of employees by several ways such as changing the existing HR structure of salary step system and promising 100% salary increase for employees with good performance. It is interpreted that the group decided that an atmosphere change was necessary at group level, as the COVID-19 crisis prolonged and uncertainties increased with the recent failure of technology exports of Hanmi Pharmaceutical, its major affiliate.

CEO Lim is the first son of Sung-ki Lim, the chairman. Since 2016, he has been the sole representative of Hanmi Science. Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group has affiliates such as Hanmi Pharmaceutical and JVM, centering on Hanmi Science, a holding company. Though Chong-soo Woo and Se-chang Kwon, the professional managers, are in charge of management in Hanmi Pharmaceutical, Hanmi Science, which is at the top of the group, is led by CEO Lim.

According to the pharmaceutical industry on 17th, CEO Lim presented six vision business projects including cyber education, digital bio, oral bio, city bio, green bio, and marine bio at a recent tea time executive meeting.

The cyber education business is to establish graduate schools specialized in K-Bio and K-Med and to invite more than 5,000 foreign experts. The plan includes launching a cyber industry-academic cooperation academy collaborating with leading global biomedical and medical universities, which is for producing future innovation business leaders who will foster the bio industry. Starting from making a joint research agreement for public health in Korea and Italy with Rome Catholic Medical School and Gemelli General Hospital in 2017, CEO Lim has built a global research network for low birthrate, newborn health, and postpartum care. He plans to complete the foundation for international cyber education with global networking.

In the digital bio business, it plans to unveil the next-generation innovative medical infrastructure system based on its know-how of electronic distribution network management system, unmanned prescription system, and hospital information system accumulated for the past 20 years.. In the oral bio business, it plans to lead the oral bio drug business. According to CMI, a consulting firm, the global oral bio market is expected to grow from about 1 trillion won in 2018 to 9.5 trillion won in 2026. In particular, it is developing an oral vaccine for COVID-19 treatment with its Orascovery technology.

It also plans to take the lead in creating a smart healthcare city. Hanmi Science signed an MOU with Pohang City, Gyeongsangbuk-do and Daegu Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority to develop a biomedical smart city worth 300 billion won. In addition, it will accelerate the green bio business by applying plant biotechnology. Hanmi Science and Professor Liu Dehu's team at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences began developing a new green drug. In this contract process, president Lim played a key role. It is known that Lim actively supported the business visiting China more than three times to review the marketability of related technologies and discuss development roadmaps with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Moreover, he initiated the projects in Marine Bio, looking for future vision business in the sea such as marine microorganisms.

The six visions suggest by CEO Lim are difficult to be realized in short period of time.

As CEO Lim previously proved his ability leading the growth of Beijing Hanmi Pharmaceutical in China, the industry believes that it is necessary to watch the progress of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group. In fact, CEO Lim is evaluated to drive the growth of Beijing Hanmi since he joined Beijing Hanmi in 2004. His representative success story is 'Mamiai', a child lactic acid bacteria dressing agent. It is currently considered as the representative brand of Beijing Hanmi. In 2014, Mamiai acquired the “Chinese Famous Trademark” from the Chinese government. Beijing Hanmi's annual sales grew from 16.7 billion won in 2004 to 254.4 billion won last year.

An official at Hanmi Pharmaceutical explained that, “It is meaningful that it has declared the macroscopic goals, changes, and will of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group internally and externally after the COVID-19 situation.”

Source: Asia Today