Hanmi Science “Heavy responsibility…Devote to trust management based on morality”


At the extraordinary meeting of shareholders held on the 28th, Hanmi Sciences decided for appointing Youngsuk Song, the chairman of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group, and Joohyun Lim, the vice president of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group, as executive directors. On that day, Jong-yoon Lim, the CEO of Hanmi Science, said, "I feel heavy responsibility and will devote myself to trust management based on morality."

The two new directors elected at this meeting have been making various efforts for the long-term development of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group. Song, the chairman, named 'Mamiai' which is Beijing Hanmi's No.1 children's dressing brand, and has contributed to pioneering the Chinese market with Seong-ki Lim, the founder of the group. Joo-Hyun Lim, the vice president, has been actively involved in global partner cooperation and HR development for group companies.

On the day, CEO Lim said, “Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group is currently conducting the most research and making the largest investment among the domestic pharmaceutical companies.”, and “We will focus on developing technology through active investment in competent ventures, and maximizing organic synergy between group companies through licensing with partners.”

Recently, Hanmi Science is making various efforts to speed up the new pipeline progress through various partnerships, including the announcement of “Cydio Sigma” - the sixth vision of Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group. Based on this, the company is securing the technological assets from the joint research with ventures such as Theragen, Syntekabio, and BioApp.

Based on its belief that “a company value depends on science”, Hanmi Science plans to repay the shareholders with trust and management. It will develop innovative new drugs and take responsibility for medical science together with partners to invest in and affiliates.

CEO Lim said, “The health of mothers and children is the start of all health that humanity aims for. Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group will focus its capabilities on R&D for a better value and a more developed life for humanity. This appointment of the directors will be a great help for Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group to establish itself as a sustainable exemplary company and to grow into a healthcare firm representing Korea and Asia.”

After the extraordinary shareholders' meeting, Hanmi Science held the board of directors and appointed the Director Young-sook Song, and CEO Jong-yoon Lim as individual representatives. At the board of directors, president Lim said, "By appointing Young-sook Song as the CEO and Lim Joo-hyun as a executive director, Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group can vigorously push forward its challenge for the future."