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COREE Asset Business Area

Business Area


Life Care Service

Provide the best treatment solutions for patients through rapid disease examination and diagnosis. Manage the maternal and infant health and the risk of gestational diabetes (GDM) using a digital healthcare app.


Run the SCSS smart clinic system that provides integrated digital services including medical treatment support, clinic management, the purchase of medical supplies.

Prenatal & postnatal care Solution

Provide premium care solutions for maternal and infant health based on medical professionals.

Consumer Healthcare

Develop balanced nutrition products in accordance with each stage of infant and toddler.

Smart Healthcare City

Implement the best smart healthcare service through the convergence of EMR’s big data, patient biographic data and AI technology, based on advanced information and communications technology and IoT-based M2M (Machine to Machine) technology.

R&D Center

Research for better digital clinics, maternal and child intestinal health, infant health supplement and diagnostic services based on bio big data.