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Ga-Hyeon Foundation of Culture

The Museum of Photography, Seoul is the first exclusive photography museum in Korea established by Ga-Hyeon Foundation of Culture (formerly known as Hanmi Foundation) to promote and popularize culture and art, and it is engaged in a variety of activities such as artist supports, educational programs, publications, and international networks as well as exhibitions. The museum has relied on efforts to create a systematic establishment of the history of Korean photography by supporting Korean artists and excavating historically valuable photographs and by historiographical publication to encourage the research in academy.

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Hanmi Research Center (Photography Library)

Opened in 2008 and has continuously collected world-renowned artists photographic books and catalogues. And at present the museum has over 2,000 books and catalogues including 100 of substantial rare catalogues.

Hanmi Photography Academy

Hanmi Photography Academy encourages in-depth understanding of the technical and aesthetic possibilities of photography and an individual's capability to create and visualize non-objective ideas in the realm of photography.

The Korea Institute of Photography and Culture

Established in January 2009, it is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and research of historical materials on the Korean photography.

Opening Hours

10:00 am to 7:00 pm Daily
11:00 am to 6:30 pm Weekends, Holidays
Closed on Sunday


Tel: +82 2-418-1315
Fax: +82 2-418-1316