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Ofmom R&D Center

Not only the formula for infants, we are also trying to produce formula for people of any gender and atany age. We are developing different milk power for the-elderly to promote their health; for students to improve their concentration and brain activity and for pregnant women to manage their weight.

For newborns, we are also developing liquid milk, a special kind of medical food to fight against some diseases in infants. In addition, milk powder that can help children to sleep and that can supply nutrients of breast milk for premature babies are still in the process of developing.

Microbes play an important role in generating organic energy in humans or animals.We are endeavoring to develop lactobacillus that can replace antibiotics as feed addictive, improve animals’ health and enhance rearing efficiency, and to develop a new generation of organic feed with high amounts of organic matters and corrosive acid.


Formula milk powder with rich nutrients for the growth of infants

As breast milk is a perfect food for the growth of infants, Ofmom R&D center is trying to produce milk powder that is equivalent to breast milk. The products we are developing are made to provide the nutrients needed by the growing infants,and to further improve their immunity and gut function.

Premium Formula

Our formula, with the best freshness and rich nutrients, is made from high quality raw milk produced by Italy and France and is enriched with OPO fatty acid which has similar molecular structure with that of breast milk. Besides, having been sticking to produce organic milk power with organic materials, we have developed premium formula to improve the health of infants.

Liquid formula milk

Using high quality raw milk of Italy to minimize the nutrient loss, we have developed liquid formula milk for children to have at any time and at any place. It is a perfect and safe product proved by a series of strict examination before its coming into the market.

Lactobacillus preparation

The combination of L. rhamnosus HN001 and B. lactis HN019 can improve the immunity and nutrient absorption of infants, and their gut function. Thus, we have developed products that can prevent constipation and diarrhea. Also, we have developed,for mothers-to-be, products with five kinds of active acidophilus that can improve the gut function, enhance the digestion and immunity and prevent vaginitis and mastitis.