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General food

Yogurt Solid Drink

Textured solid drink made with yogurt powder and natural fruit powder. It has a good taste. The vitamin B group and healthy dietary fiber for children's growth and development were added to improve children's immunity and intestinal health. The sweet and sour taste helps prevent tooth decay without adding sucrose.

Seasonings for pregnant women

It is a healthy seasoning developed through fermentation or enzyme treatment of natural ingredients. Replace sugar and salt to make food more palatable, enhance appetite of pregnant women and facilitate nutritional intake during pregnancy and lactation. Improve the palate experience of pregnant women while maintaining a low-sugar, low-salt diet.

Diet drink

Add enzymes, lactic acid bacteria, a variety of natural extracts to promote metabolism, prevent fat accumulation, and help detoxify the body. It has excellent weight-loss and beautifying effects.

Health functional food

Liver protection drink

Milk thistle is added to remove free radicals, reduce toxin damage to the liver, and protect the liver of heavy drinkers. L.plantarum L-137 and Enterococcus faecalis EF-2001 are added to protect intestinal health, while turmeric is added to enhance immunity and protect gastrointestinal health.

Vitamin K2 Supplements

Add vitamin K2, calcium and vitamin D to keep bones healthy. It helps with calcium supplementation and absorption. Vitamin K2 participates in bone metabolism, lowers the incidence of fractures in patients with bone loss and osteoporosis, helps cardiovascular health and reduces the incidence of coronary artery disease.learning efficiency. It guarantees full nutrition and helps to grow healthy.

Special Medical Food

Infant liquid milk for special medical use

1. Diarrhea prevention formula;
2. Intestinal obstructive colic prevention formula;
3. Comfort formula;
4. Allergy prevention formula ;
5. Formula for premature and low birth weight infants.

Breast milk nutritional supplements

A combination of various nutrients, such as protein, vitamins and minerals, can be added to breast milk to compensate for nutrients that are lacking. It is a breast milk fortifier that allows preterm babies to drink breast milk but also provides the nutrients they need to grow normally.