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LeYe HR Consulting

Founded in Hong Kong in 2001
Cover the world top 500 enterprises
Expertise, precision, high efficiency and safeguard

LeYe HR Consulting is a subsidiary company of Hanmi Group, founded in Hong Kong in 2001, headquartered in Beijing with branch office in Shanghai. The company owns a team with approximately one hundred headhunting consultants with rich working experience, which has already provided medium and high end talent service, overall recruitment solutions on batch jobs and stagnation point human resource services for nearly 500 companies.

All LeYe team members are advanced talents engaged in the industry for many years; the company possesses a quite mature and perfect talent overall recruitment service system and standardized operation processes, as well as the powerful database system for industry talent reserve and the service system for online resume receiving. In addition, the company provides professional and effective recruitment consultancy services and candidate background investigation service system before employment.

Basic principles

Industry and functional position segmentation
Standardized recruitment process
Experienced team
Specially assigned person, team cooperation

Differences between us and other headhunting companies

Each consultant is only responsible for one certain position of one specialty
Each consultant can accumulate the resources of 500 MPC candidates of one certain position
Each candidate will receive the deep interview and communication before he/she is recommended to clients to ensure the quality of the candidate that clients probably employ

Our advantage - efficient resources

Resource of over 1 million candidates
Directories of over 300 well-known enterprises
Regularly and continuously update business directories



Room 614, BLK A, Jiatai International Tower, No.41, Middle East Fourth Ring Road, Beijing
(+86 10-85183150)

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